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We offer yoga courses and workshops such as Ashtanga yoga for beginners course, Asana’s techniques course, Transitions in yoga  practice workshop etc. Including cosy and warm hearted events to unite our community and nurture our positive vibe.

Ashtanga yoga Transitions Workshop Yoga Spirits Roermond

Transitions in Ashtanga yoga Workshops

Our coming workshops are in depth and fun which will fill you with sense of joy and insight. The art of arm balancing, inversion, core strenght, back bending and much more. Stay tuned!

Date | Time | Price

Date: Sunday 30 June 2024

Time: 09:30 – 11:30

Price: €23

Yoga Spirits Roermond

Ashtanga yoga for beginners course

 A 4 week-course to help you starting your yoga journey based on Ashtanga yoga style for healthy body and mind. 

You can expect to learn:

Opening prayer, 3 main places of focus in Ashtanga yoga (Tristhana), breathing technique, sunsalutation A&B and key poses from the Primay series.

You will learn the  foundation of Ashtanga practice in tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, foundation for your practice to achieve a therapeutic effect (Yoga Chikitsa) of Ashtanga yoga, to prevent injuries, avoid aggravation of existing problems and to get the best out of your practice as it suites your needs according to your physical & mental conditions.

The ultimate goal of the course is to lay down a solid foundation for your yoga practice to move towards a sustainable practice which you find suitable for your own conditions and lifestyle in order to promote wellness, health and inner peace.

Date | Time | Price

Date: To be notified

Time: To be notified

Price: €45

Yoga spirits roermond, Ashtanga yoga advanced asana

Asana's & Techniques course - Level 2

 A 4 week-course deep dive into yoga classic poses and techniques to perform the poses in a safe and effective way. 

The poses and techniques for level 2 are related to techniques towards more challenging forward folding & hips opening, backward bending, lateral lengthening, rotation or twist and different types of inversion poses which are accessible for people with less or more experiences in yoga, beginners, regular practitioners or teachers. 

Besides performing the poses in a safe and effective way, this course dive into understanding in physiology of yoga what effect does it have to your body, how to optimize benefits of the pose to promote your overal health, strength, flexibility and wellness.

Date | Time | Price

Date: To be notified

Time: To be notified

Price: €45

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